Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Losing on the crimson wave

Long time no update.. I mean.. a week in internet land is like an eternity yeah?

So.. I'm still here. So far in total, as of the last weigh in, I'm down 7 pounds and some change. Not very impressive for me to have been at this seriously for a month-- even longer if you count the day I decided to start losing. I know that it's not bad, considering it's mainly off of diet alone. I've done a few half-assed workouts here and there, but mainly count work as exercise. 

Every bit counts when you're used to doing nothing.

I had in my mind that this week was crunch week. This was do or die. This was the week I started to sweat. 

This is also the week that Auntie Flo decided to come. She's a crazy aunt too. She's the one that brings you trinkets from her world travels, mismatches her socks and wears clogs from 1972. She's painfully predictable in all her uniqueness.

Every month my body decides to rip down new walls one by one, scratching at the surface until I bleed whil--- okay nevermind

Anyway, she's been kind of crazy lately because of some medical problems I have and can't get seen about. Right now she's raging like a beast.

Motivation to do much more than sleep is hard to come by.

Irregardless, I'm giving 'er a good go. We'll see what my outcome is at the end of the week. 

I originally had this goal of being 299 by the end of the first week of August-- but I don't see that happening. It's sad, but I have to be realistic in my expectations. I've got to be able to sweat to get there, and at this point I'm doggy paddling between the shallow and deep end. My new goal is to be 305. It is still going to be tough, but I want to break the 10lbs barrier within the next week. We'll see what I can pull out of my behind in the next 3-4 days. If I'm not 305 by then, I'll be okay with it. I want to be able to report a loss each week for at least the first 15-20 pounds.

I'm tired of being fat, and even though I've lost 7 pounds, I am ready to see the results and have others notice too. 
..................................this is only the beginning *sigh*

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