Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I ate WHAT?!

Dude.. or dudes.. or whatever--

I ate way too much today. I was so bad. It was terrible. I guess nobody is perfect... and I guess I did too well for too long. Without judgement.. here's how my day looked:

Wake up.. went to work without food (MISTAKE NUMBER ONE!). I worked the whole shift without even getting anything to drink (tsk, tsk... it's a good time to get your water in, duh Ashley!)

I come home.. and bring my score from the store home. I got wheat sub rolls on SALE! woooo.. that always makes things justifiable. Anyway, I made a sandwich.. one slice of turkey, one slice of ham.. swiss and american cheese... mayo.. & lettuce. Overall it wasn't a horrible meal... but had I known what my evening held, I would have opted for a smoothie.

I then went to run errands. My car has no working AC and it was, at the time, cooler outside than it was in my car. My brother asked me to pick up candy and drinks for him and my son.. so I did this. I also picked up some for me. (AGAIN... had I known I would have anything other than a salad, I would have left it alone.) I ate my dark chocolate milkyway like tomorrow wasn't coming. (DC is healthy, yeah?!) I did get the can size diet coke... not that it helps anything.

Anyway... that was the morning/early afternoon food.

I got a little hungry later on and took about 4 corn chips from my son. Not a lot, and it didn't put a dent in my remaining calories... I was still on my track at this point. I also had a wedge of laughing cow cheese.

..........then it happened.

My brother (whom never even eats with us.. much less offers to buy and cook food) asks if I want to grill out. UM YES?.. He's boss on a grill. I figured I could still stick to my plan with the food he was cooking. Eat a modest meal and maybe even eat the burger with no bun.

Nah dawg... he had baked beans, those GOOD friggin buns.. all the fixins.

Okay.. that's cool. I'll eat one burger and a cup of beans. Nevermind that I snuck a few bites out of the pot before I fixed my plate. So.. I fill up to the brim on that food. I put in my calories and I have 90 left.


... then he's like.. hey, im making hotdogs.. I know you only like them burn, so I burned one.


Needless to say.. I blew it today. I did have a good 30 minutes of sweating and burning off calories.. but the deficit did nothing for my hot mess of screwing up.

I guess it's salads for the rest of the week eh?

The farm called.. they need momma pig back home.

--Momma pig.

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