Friday, August 3, 2012

The hardest week yet

This week has been so difficult. I started a new job. We ran out of food. It's been a fun challenge. I've always known that dieting was hard on a budget, but when the budget runs out and there's nothing left but pieces of things--- you can't really do much. This explains a lot of why I have yo-yo'ed. I never put healthy food on the top of the list. I purchased rice, beans... things that weren't exactly unhealthy--- but cheap, at the top of my list.

I've gained give or take 3 pounds this week. I weighed in at 310.8 this morning. I'm still hanging tough with my 10 lbs loss.. but it's so hard to feel good about myself when I failed so hard on the one week I had such big plans for. On top of my lack of everything, I haven't exercised.. partly because I don't have the proper nutrition to hold up for it, and partly because I am overwelmed and stressed.

I know this wasn't an extravagant post, but I hope by putting it out there, it won't be screaming at me from the inside and I can move on and get back on track.